Muammar Gaddafi’s Death Predicted 24 Years Ago (Sorta)

As you’re probably already aware, former Lybian dictator Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed yesterday, and if you’re getting the news from this silly little blog, you really need to go bookmark some news sites. Within hours of the announcement of Gaddafi’s death, a 24 year old clip from the short lived and long forgotten Fox sitcom Second Chance emerged on the internet. Now, the significance of these seemingly unrelated events is that the clip opens with Colonel Gaddafi arriving in front of Saint Peter on a day in 2011. So yes, it’s all rather amusing and mildly noteworthy that this show featured a joke about Gaddafi dying in 2011, even if the chosen date of July 29th was off by 12 weeks.

We’ve got the clip here for your perusal. Now, normally when we post a clip we want you to watch it, but to be perfectly honest, aside from the Gaddafi coincidence there’s really not much worth seeing here. Just judging on this clip, Second Chance’s comedy was shockingly banal. I will however recommend the show’s wikipedia page just so you can read about the series’ crazy “Of course it’s a 1980s Fox sitcom” premise and how it was strangely retooled early in its brief life.

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