The 2011 World Series Mayoral Bet

There’s no prouder political tradition than the mayoral sports championship bet. Yes, it’s a long standing tradition that the mayors of the two cities represented in the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Finals or Stanley Cup Finals make a friendly wager between each other. Typically, this will involve the mayor of the city represented by the losing team has to send the winning city’s mayor a local food item or some other relevant thing.

So, what did the mayors of Saint Louis and Arlington, Texas put up for the World Series bet? If the Rangers lose, Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck has promised to send St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay several Nolan Ryan Steaks, which are the “Official Beef of the Texas Rangers.” Should the Cardinals lose the Series, Mayor Slay will send his Arlington counterpart a big St. Louis feast:

  • Pi pizza
  • Schlafly beer
  • Pappy’s BBQ
  • Gooey butter cake from Park Avenue Coffee
  • Chocolate from Crown Candy Kitchen
  • A CD of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

As of this moment, the Rangers are up three games to two on the Cardinals, so it looks like Mayor Cluck should prepare to enjoy a few of St. Louis’ culinary delights. For more info on this year’s mayoral bet and a bonus Congressional bet, head on over to St. Louis Public Radio.

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