The Best Bear Commercials

Stephen Colbert may believe that bears are “godless killing machines,” but bears also make great commercial pitchmen. So, in the spirit of Friday, let’s watch some commercials with bears.

Our first is a recent ad for the French premium cable channel Canal+. This clever clip features a director working on a medieval epic who takes a break from filming to discuss his love for cinema.


This second clip is from British salmon company John West which shows all the hard work that goes in to getting the best salmon for John West products. This clip is so old, I actually remember it going viral online in the pre-Youtube age.


Finally, here’s a great fake beer ad from the excellent movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This goofy bear themed spot is almost indistinguishable from a real beer ad. This weekend, why not try to convince a friend that this is a real ad?

About Michael Darling
Collector of the interesting and absurd.

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