Ella Fitzgerald, “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve”

And now we close out the year with a little music from Ella Fitzgerald. See you in 2012!


Portal 2 Christmas Wrapping

You may have gotten some great presents over the holidays, but I bet you didn’t get a gift that was as brilliantly wrapped as this one. Unfortunately, I don’t have any info about who was the lucky recipient of this gift, but I’m sure he or she was excited on Christmas morning to find this copy of Portal 2 which was apparently wrapped with portal technology.

(via Geeks Are Sexy)

Jerome Simpson’s Touchdown Flip

There have been prettier touchdowns, there have been more important touchdowns, but for my money I think that Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson scored the greatest touchdown the world has ever seen. In the Christmas Eve game against the Arizona Cardinals, Simpson was heading towards the end zone when he found his route blocked by two Cardinals defenders. So, what did he do to score the touchdown? Oh, he simply did a gymnastic flip over the defenders and perfectly stuck the landing for six points. Note how even the ref is caught by surprise and takes a few seconds before he rules the play a touchdown. Congratulations, Jerome Simpson, you may be the first football player to bring a literal meaning to the word “touchdown.”

DJ Earworm, “United States of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom)”

As we reach to the end of the year, it’s time for DJ Earworm to offer us another look back at the year in pop. Earworm achieved fame with his now legendary 2009 mega-mash-up “Blame It On The Pop,” and he’s back again this year with another look at the top 25 pop hits of 2011.  Fittingly for a year in which one jackass predicted the end of the world twice, this year’s “United States of Pop” is subtitled “World Go Boom.” This year’s mash-up features everyone from Adele to LMFAO to Rihanna taking part in an electrocrlash rumble. Although this year’s “United States of Pop” isn’t as lyrically cohesive as the 2009 entry, I think this year’s edition makes for a pretty awesome dance track. Personally, I found “World Go Boom” mildly educational as I had no idea that Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez were still popular.

2011 Advent Calendar Day 24: The Pogues & Kirsty McColl, “Fairytale of New York”

I’ll be honest with you, Christmas songs really do grow tiresome. Maybe it’s because there’s only so little good Christmas music and we play them ad nauseum in December, only to banish them for the rest of the year because we’re sick of ‘em. However, there is one Christmas song I never grow tired of, The Pogues and Kirsty McColl’s beautiful duet “Fairytale of New York.”  The song tells the tale of youthful love run sower set to a Celtic melody. British and Irish listeners have frequently voted the song as the best Christmas song of all time and has been covered by numerous artists, including a 2009 radio performance by Billy Brag and Florence + the Machine. For those of you worried about that sort of thing, the song is slightly NSFW and as much as it pains me to do so, I should inform you that in Irish slang the “f-bomb” refers to a lazy person.

2011 Advent Calendar Day 23: Darlene Love, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

Darlene Love’s Phil Spector produced “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” is easily one of the best Christmas recordings ever. How good is it? Well, David Letterman annually invites Love on to The Late Show to perform the song on the last episode before Christmas. In that case, it means that Love is on Letterman tonight and if you’re not doing anything around 12:20AM, you should tune in to CBS and watch her perform. In fact, Love has become so connected with Christmas that in 2005 Robert Smigle asked her to provide the vocals for an animated Saturday Night Live sketch called “Christmas For The Jews.” Anyway, without any further ado, here’s Love and “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

The Sith Who Stole Christmas

Really, the stories of the Grinch and Darth Vader are all about redemption. The Grinch gives up his Grinchy ways and learns the meaning of Christmas, Darth Vader betrays the Emperor and liberates the galaxy.  As these two tales explore similar themes, it was only a matter of before someone combined How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Darth Vader’s Star Wars journey. Youtuber OneMinuteGalactica  has taken clips of Darth Vader and synched them with Boris Karloff’s Grinch narration and Thurl Ravenscroft’s legendary rendition of “You’re A Mean One, Mister Grinch” to give a slightly different take on the tale of the Grinch and the Whos.