Traffic Enforcer Mimes

Let’s say you’re driving on the road one day when all of a sudden you see a mime standing on the sidewalk. You’d take notice wouldn’t you? Well, that’s the hope of several Latin American cities which have recently hired mimes to help enforce traffic laws.

Nearly everyone looks at a mime, especially when dressed in a brightly colored getup while eagerly making fun of people on the side of a busy street. The latest effort has about 120 mimes on the downtown streets of Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, making a (silent) scene any time a driver or pedestrian disobeys a traffic rule.

So far mimes have been spotted in Caracas; Sao Paulo, Brazil and Bogota. Colombia.   Head over to Time Magazine for more info about the traffic mimes.

About Michael Darling
Collector of the interesting and absurd.

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