Ned Flanders Breaks Bad (Again)

A few months ago we featured a video which mixed Bryan Cranston’s Walter White of Breaking Bad with legendary Simpsons neighbor Ned Flanders. Well, it turns out that the creator of that video wasn’t the only person to think of blending those two characters, as just yesterday Youtube user samuelk202 released this amazing video which takes the White/Flanders concept and really runs with it. The casting of this thing is pretty perfect: In addition to Walter becoming Flanders, Jesse Pinkman becomes Bart, Saul Goodman is perfectly reimagined as Lionel Hutz and Tuco appears as a surprise guest.The fact that a recent Simpsons episode features Homer accidentally going to a meth lab really elps this video.

Warning: If you’re still catching up on Breaking Bad and you haven’t finished season 2, this video contains a few spoiler allusions.


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