Totally 80s Cell Phone Promo

The following post was written in the mid-1980s:

What’s up dudes, have you heard about cellular phones? Apparently they’re the latest thing and they’re totally bitchin. These portable-yes, you read that right, portable-phones have all the convenient functionality of one of those fancy car phones, but you can take them anywhere!  Gnarly! Like, check out this rad looking Motorola phone which only weighs 30 ounces. Seriously dudes, it looks like it can fit in your backpack or purse. But I think it’s too big to fit in your fanny pack. Bummer!

Now, I know it might take a bit of time for some of you to get used to these “cell phones,” but as this promo reassures us, “seeing someone using cellular phones may seem as common place as someone checking time on an electronic watch, figuring on an electronic calculator, or programming on an electronic computer*.” Ya know, in like 50 years they’ll probably even have watches on cell phones.

Trust me guys, I’m as stoked for cell phones as I am for Van Halen with Sammy Hagar. I bet President Reagan’s already got one!

*Note from 2012: I like that they had to specify “electronic computer.”


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