More Mushroom Kingdom Propaganda

Last year, we introduced you to the Mushroom Kingdom propaganda posters designed by Fernando Reza and the Fro Design Co:

For countless years, Bowser and his minions have been fighting against Mario as he seeks to liberate the Mushroom Kingdom from the Koopa King’s grip. Now, when you consider the massive troop loss that Bowser’s forces experience every time they invade the Mushroom Kingdom, you might wonder how Bowser recruits new creatures to his army.

Well, artist Fernando Reza has created four Koopa propaganda posters inspired by World War II and the NES that will rally more Goombas and Koopas to Bowser’s cause. The posters depict a threatening Mario and warnings to keep power ups out of the hands of “the enemy.”

Since we last checked in, Reza has created five more wonderful posters including tributes to Piranha Plant victory gardens, brave Lakitu and Bullet Bill air forces, and the overall cause of smashing the “Red Menace.”

Check out all five of the second wave of Koopa Troopa posters, plus the original four, over at the Fro Design Co Store website. Each limited edition poster is available for purchase for $30, and all nine are available for $150.


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