The World’s Greatest Driver’s License Photo?

It’s a well established fact that everybody looks terrible in their driver’s license photo. However, one Canadian Redditor decided he would have an unforgettable driver’s license photo. So, what did he do? Well, if you looked at the photo to the right you’ve probably already guessed what “adambard” did. Yes, he shaved off the left side of his head and the right side of his beard. After his shave and a haircut, Adam successfully got his driver’s license which kind of looks like a bad photo shop of four different faces. As amusing as this is, another Redditor pointed out one downside to this stunt:

You have ruined any chance of having a life of crime. If you decide to go on a crime spree, they can now determine what you will look like with/without hair and facial hair!

Check out Adam’s drivers license and step by step photos of this stunt here.



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