Ralph Steadman’s Wonderland

If you’ve read Hunter S. Thompson’s gonzo classic Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, you’ve encountered the art of British illustrator Ralph Steadman. Steadman’s trippy, drugged out drawings provided a fitting complement to Thompson’s tale of Sin City debauchery and the death of the American Dream. Prior to collaborating with Thompson, Steadman used his signature drawing style to illustrate another psychedelic literary masterpiece. In 1967, Steadman released a newly illustrated edition of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

Steadman’s illustrations are like a wonderful bad trip with workman-like Card Guards, a White Rabbit dressed like a London businessman and an almost formless and Jabba the Huttesque Queen of Hearts. The drawings are fantastic and really worth checking out.

Head over to io9 for more drawings from Steadman’s visit to Wonderland.


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