Titanic Super 3D

In case you haven’t heard, James Cameron has rereleased his 1997 opus Titanic in 3D. In fact, in some foreign theaters you can even see the film with added smells and vibrations. Well, that’s all well and good, but I’m here to tell you about something even better: Titanic Super 3D. Comedy group PistolShrimps released an exclusive preview of the expanded super edition of Titanic for which Cameron apparently consulted with a few special guest directors and even equipped theaters with extra-special effects. I can’t wait.


George R. R. Martin’s Fairy Tales

Hey kids, Game of Thrones is back and to celebrate A Song Of Ice And Fire author George R. R. Martin, well; actually an impersonator, is here to read you some fairy tales! Aren’t you excited, children? Anyway, the facsimile of Mr. Martin has given a unique spin on a few classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes like a new take on “Jack and Jill” in which “Jack fell down and shattered his leg which made him easy prey for outlaws.” Wait, children, why are you crying?

Rolling Stones’ Rice Krispies Jingle

On last night’s Mad Men, a reference was made to the Rolling Stones having made a commercial for Rice Krispies in England. Well, the crack research team here at Postcards of the Hanging tracked down the ad, which only aired in England in 1964, and we’ve got it here for your viewing pleasure. The Stones don’t actually appear in the spot, but they do perform the ad’s jingle which was specially co-written by Stones guitarist Brian Jones and the J. Walter Thompson ad agency. It’s probably the hippest breakfast cereal you’ll see all day.