George R. R. Martin’s Fairy Tales

Hey kids, Game of Thrones is back and to celebrate A Song Of Ice And Fire author George R. R. Martin, well; actually an impersonator, is here to read you some fairy tales! Aren’t you excited, children? Anyway, the facsimile of Mr. Martin has given a unique spin on a few classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes like a new take on “Jack and Jill” in which “Jack fell down and shattered his leg which made him easy prey for outlaws.” Wait, children, why are you crying?


Ralph Steadman’s Wonderland

If you’ve read Hunter S. Thompson’s gonzo classic Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, you’ve encountered the art of British illustrator Ralph Steadman. Steadman’s trippy, drugged out drawings provided a fitting complement to Thompson’s tale of Sin City debauchery and the death of the American Dream. Prior to collaborating with Thompson, Steadman used his signature drawing style to illustrate another psychedelic literary masterpiece. In 1967, Steadman released a newly illustrated edition of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

Steadman’s illustrations are like a wonderful bad trip with workman-like Card Guards, a White Rabbit dressed like a London businessman and an almost formless and Jabba the Huttesque Queen of Hearts. The drawings are fantastic and really worth checking out.

Head over to io9 for more drawings from Steadman’s visit to Wonderland.

Princeton Law School’s Rejection Letter

In 1957, Harvey Wax of Ann Arbor, Michigan applied to Princeton Law School and was rejected due to one major error on his application. The rejection letter became a recurring family joke, but now it’s been enshrined in a new book called Other People‚Äôs Rejection Letters. The book, edited by Bill Shapiro, is a collection of humorous and sometimes historic rejection letters and would probably make a good gift for someone on your holiday shopping list. Read more about the book at the American Bar Association Journal. Now, without further ado here’s Princeton’s rejection letter to Mr. Wax.

Mark Twain Meets Chewbacca (And Other Adventures)

This weekend was the New York City Comic-Con, and Fantagraphics Books was at the Con to promote their recent publication¬† Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010 by humorist Michael Kupperman. Kupperman’s graphic novel tells the story of Mark Twain faking his death and having various adventures over the course of the 20th Century.

Well, not only were the Fantagraphics at the Con, but so was Twain himself. Well, maybe not the actual Mark Twain, but at least a Mark Twain was there. The Fantagraphics website has a great gallery of photos of Twain’s adventures in New York, including meeting Chewbacca and Oscar the Grouch and a duel with arch-nemesis Ben Franklin. Check out Twain’s New York trip here.

Cthulu a la Seuss

H. P. Lovecraft and Dr. Seuss both specialized in written form of madness. For Lovecraft it was the tales of the Great Old Ones and for Seuss it was the increasingly crazy rhymes found in his children’s books. But, what if these two literary geniuses teamed up? Fear not friends, for deviantART user DrFaustusAU has decided it was high time the kids learned about Cthulu and the Great Old Ones and has started work on a Seussian adaptation of Lovecraft’s short story “The Call of Cthulu.” So far, DrFaustusAU has created a cover and the first eleven pages of the story with more on the way.

Check it out over at DrFaustusAU’s deviantART page.

Christopher Walken Reads the “Three Little Pigs”

Gather ’round children, it’s time for a story, and we’ve got a special guest to read to you. Yes, kiddies, Christopher Walken’s here to read the “Three Little Pigs.” In this clip from a 1993 episode of Johnathan Ross’s English chat show Saturday Zoo, a Cosby sweater sporting Walken drops by to read his unique version of the classic fairy tale. Watch as Walken tells the story of pork loving Wolfie who blows away two dumb piggies but is outwitted by the third pig. As Walken puts it, “Wolfie sees the three little houses with the three little pigs in ’em and says to himself ‘Pork City!”

Hogwarts Cake

For the premier of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the baking wizards of Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes created a beautiful edible replica of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Well, with the release of the final film in the saga, Charm City Cakes created another Hogwarts replica, but this one’s a bit worse for wear. This new Hogwarts cake, served at the premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, depicts the school after the film’s climactic battle. When the cake was displayed at the New York premier, smoke and lighting effects were used to give a wartorn effect to the cake. Check out That’s Nerdalicious to see the cake as it was displayed.