Cubs Win!

Ladies, and gentlemen we are just under a month away from the start of the Major League Baseball season. Now as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I am not a baseball fan. However, despite my disinterest in the sport, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the poor Chicago Cubs; those lovable losers who haven’t won a World Series in 103 years. Every year, I give a mild cheer for the Cubbies in the hope that this will be their year. Anyway, as we wait for the Cubs to eventually reach the promised land, PlayStation has released this commercial for the new game MLB 12 The Show depicting how the city of Chicago would react to a Cubs World Series victory. If you’re a sports fan, this’ll probably one of the most beautiful things you’ll see all day.


Blindfolded Boxing

There are some sports that I wish we as a civilization could bring back. Today, I’d like to submit that we revive blindfolded boxing. The hot sport of 1949 is like regular boxing, except there are four combatants, and none of them can see! I can honestly say that I would be highly entertained watching four guys blindly trying to punch each other, wouldn’t you? You don’t think it would be fun? Well, check out this classic Pathé newsreel and then tell me you wouldn’t want to watch blindfolded boxing.

Will Ferrell’s NBA Starting Line Ups

For reasons I’m not too sure about, Will Ferrell was on hand at last night’s Bulls-Hornets game to introduce the starting line-ups for both teams. Ferrell revealed a few surprising facts about each player. You’ll be shocked to learn which Bulls player’s favorite movie is The Notebook and which Hornets star loves the music of Bell Biv Devoe.

Ali vs. Ryu

Who would win, the Greatest Of All Time, Mr. Muhammad Ali or Street Fighter‘s master of the Hadouken, Ryu? That’s the question posed by pop culture street artist COMBO in a mural he painted last year in Paris depicting the end result of a fight between the two legendary fighters. Do you agree with how COMBO imagined this match would end?

Head over to COMBO’s Flickr page for more art. A tip of the hat to Twisted Sifter for this story.

The Worst Super Bowl Halftime Show

The year was 1989 and the place was Miami, Florida’s Joe Robbie Stadium. It was Super Bowl XXIII and San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh would lead his team—which featured four future Pro Football Hall of Famers—to a four point victory over the Cincinatti Bengals.

But beyond all the football pageantry, there was something else. Yes, it was what I think we can unequivocally agree was the worst Super Bowl Halftime Show ever. If you watched the halftime spectacular, you would have seen Diet Coke proudly presenting the “”Be Bop Bamboozled in 3-D” halftime show. If viewers had picked up special Coca Cola 3-D glasses at participating retailers, they’d have the rare privilege of watching the WORLD’S FIRST 3-D TELEVISION COMMERCIAL!

Well, that’s all well and good, but what about the folks in the stadium? Surely they must have gotten to experience some special entertainment. A legendary performer must have been there to dazzle the fans in Miami, right? Nope. The stadium and television audience were treated(?) to the “world’s largest card trick,” as performed by crap Elvis impersonator and alleged magician Elvis Presto. So, watch this clip and struggle to enjoy as Presto magically places the audience’s card under their seat. Really, what’s truly magical about this performance is that it makes 2011’s much-maligned Black Eyed Peas performance look mildly good by comparison.

Yao Ming Basketball Portrait

In tribute to the semi-recent retirement of basketball player Yao Ming, Hong Yi decided to paint a portrait of him. Rather than use a paint brush or other traditional material, Hong Yi used a decided to paint Yao’s portrait using a basketball. Watch as Hong Yi dribbles and rolls the ball to create this detailed portrait of the Chinese basketball star.

Don Cherry’s Piano Desk

If you’re one of our Canadian readers, (We have those right?) you’re undoubtedly familiar with CBC’s  program Hockey Night In Canada and it’s (in)famous host Don Cherry. Cherry, a former hockey coach, is now a broadcaster and hockey commentator who has become just as famous for his sometimes controversial opinions and oft insane outfits. Suffice to say, Cherry’s a little eccentric. So, in tribute to one of Cherry’s more interesting mannerism, youtube user RBFlicks remixed video of Cherry to make his hand gestures make a little more sense.