Literal Iron Man

Folks, we are just a little under two months away from the much anticipated release of The Avengers and there are several reasons I’m excited, chief amongst them the return of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. Downey’s portrayal of the arrogant but endearing billionaire and superhero Tony Stark has been a highlight of the Marvel Movieverse and I can’t wait to see him working alongside six of  Marvel’s other major heroes. However, after I saw the photo below, I realized that what I really want to see is Tony Stark strapping in to a literal Iron Man costume.

This amazing costume was spotted at Atlanta’s DragonCon in 2008 by Redditor Ryan0617. Check out the full thread here and a few more photos of this clever Iron Man suit here.


Judas Priest, “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin” (Bossa Nova Version)

Folks, I’m not going to lie to you, the first generation of metalheads are getting older and probably can’t rock as hard as they used to. But that doesn’t mean they have to give up the songs they know and love because self proclaimed “Musical Genius” Andy Rehfeldt has found a way to let older fans keep rocking; albeit in a more smooth manner. Rehfeldt’s whipped up this smooth, loungey bossa nova remix of Judas Priest’s classic anthem “You Got Another Thing Comin.” Is this take on the heavy metal masterpiece sacrilegious? Yes, but it’s also highly amusing.

Cubs Win!

Ladies, and gentlemen we are just under a month away from the start of the Major League Baseball season. Now as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I am not a baseball fan. However, despite my disinterest in the sport, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the poor Chicago Cubs; those lovable losers who haven’t won a World Series in 103 years. Every year, I give a mild cheer for the Cubbies in the hope that this will be their year. Anyway, as we wait for the Cubs to eventually reach the promised land, PlayStation has released this commercial for the new game MLB 12 The Show depicting how the city of Chicago would react to a Cubs World Series victory. If you’re a sports fan, this’ll probably one of the most beautiful things you’ll see all day.

Jar Jar Binks Biopics

Hey everybody, the first Star Wars prequel just got rereleased in 3D, and that means one thing: The return of Jar Jar Binks, everyone’s favorite Star Wars character, right? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Okay, so nobody likes Jar Jar, but what if Jar Jar was a more noble character. Maybe what Jar Jar needs is an image make over. In fact, the good people at NextMovie decided to ask what would a Jar Jar Binks biopic look like?

So take a look at their gallery of potential Jar Jar biopic movie posters inspired by Oscar winning films like Milk, The King‘s Speech and Patton. Go give the Gungan’s posters a gander.

The World’s Greatest Driver’s License Photo?

It’s a well established fact that everybody looks terrible in their driver’s license photo. However, one Canadian Redditor decided he would have an unforgettable driver’s license photo. So, what did he do? Well, if you looked at the photo to the right you’ve probably already guessed what “adambard” did. Yes, he shaved off the left side of his head and the right side of his beard. After his shave and a haircut, Adam successfully got his driver’s license which kind of looks like a bad photo shop of four different faces. As amusing as this is, another Redditor pointed out one downside to this stunt:

You have ruined any chance of having a life of crime. If you decide to go on a crime spree, they can now determine what you will look like with/without hair and facial hair!

Check out Adam’s drivers license and step by step photos of this stunt here.


Twilight: The Video Game

It’s been said that the Twilight books and movies don’ t have what might traditionally be labeled as a “plot.” Some folks say that events in the series just seem to happen and the protagonist has no sense of agency. Well folks, I beg to differ. You know why? It’s simple; if the Twilight books are so plotless, how could they make a video game based on the series? Just a couple months ago Robot Chicken revealed an exclusive preview of the upcoming Twilight: The Game. I for one cannot wait to play it.


The Bad Piper, “We Will Rock You”

As we all know, bagpipes are the most beautiful and romantic musical instrument in the world. But, can bagpipes do hard rock? The Australian bagpiper known simply as the Bad Piper seems to think so. In fact, here he is performing the Queen classic “We Will Rock You” during the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The crowd eventually gets in to the performance, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.