The Flaming C Spotted At MegaCon

Ever since his animated debut in January, Conan O’Brien’s superhero alter ego The Flaming C has taken the country by storm. Yes, Americans quickly fell in love with the oven mitt and jai alai glove sporting hero. And how do some people express their feelings for the part-time Justice League member? By dressing up as him at comic conventions, obviously. Comic book artist Justin Peterson spotted the someone cosplaying as the Flaming C at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida last weekend and made sure to snap a photo. The Flaming C is seen here holding a copy of Peterson’s graphic novel Very Near Mint.


Hendrix Guitar Pick Mosaic

In 2009, British artist Ed Chapman created a giant mosaic of Jimi Hendrix made using over 5,000 guitar picks. The piece was created for Cancer Research’s Sound & Vision fundraiser and was sold for £23,000 (US $37,352). The guitar pick mosaic marked a departure from Chapman’s usual style, as he typically uses ceramics to create portraits of notable celebrities. Check out all of Chapman’s work at his website.

Obama’s Computer

On Monday, Univision hosted a town hall event with President Barack Obama. Watch what happens when moderator Jorge Ramos asks Obama if he has his own computer.

Recycled C-3PO

West Oakland’s Alliance Recycling Center is an all purpose recycling center that takes both the typical recyclables like glass, paper and plastic, but also recycle a wide variety of metals including steel and brass. Now with most of these metals they do the normal recycling thing, but in some cases the people at ARC will take the scrap metal and create sculptures including this statue of C-3PO. Check out more of the ARC artwork at the Oaktown Art blog.

Real Life Mario Coin Block

Remember the coin blocks from the Mario games? You know, the ones with the question mark that the eponymous plumber would hit with his fist and a coin would pop out? Well, Instructables user Bruno Pasquini has created a real working coin block that shoots out quarters when you punch it from below. Check out his how to over at the Instructables website, or view video of the working box here.

The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Jesse Heiman, the unsung star of many of your favorite shows and movies. In his illustrious careeer, Heiman has appeared in many tv comedies (Glee, Arrested Development, Reno 911!), had a recurring non-speaking role on Chuck and even appeared in an Oscar winner (The Social Network). Heimen is set to star in the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon in the surely important role of “Mail Room Worker.” Until then, here’s a sample of some of Heiman’s best work.

MercyMe, “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”

The band MercyMe has lately put out a video series called “Cover Tunes Grab Bag.” As the title suggests, the videos feature the band performing a wide variety of cover songs. Their most recent video is a performance of the classic Beatles reggae-pop song “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.” The video begins with just the band, but as they proceed down the hallway, more and more musicians join them.