Rolling Stones’ Rice Krispies Jingle

On last night’s Mad Men, a reference was made to the Rolling Stones having made a commercial for Rice Krispies in England. Well, the crack research team here at Postcards of the Hanging tracked down the ad, which only aired in England in 1964, and we’ve got it here for your viewing pleasure. The Stones don’t actually appear in the spot, but they do perform the ad’s jingle which was specially co-written by Stones guitarist Brian Jones and the J. Walter Thompson ad agency. It’s probably the hippest breakfast cereal you’ll see all day.


Conor Knighton, “99 Restaurants, I Been to Every One”

For the last couple of years, L. A. Weekly (and future L. A. Times) food critic Jonathan Gold has released a list of what he considers to be the “99 Essential L. A. Restaurants.” Like many Angelenos, CBS Sunday Morning contributor Conor Knighton is a devotee of the only Pulitzer Prize winning food critic and decided to dine at every restaurant on Gold’s list. About a year and 99 meals later, Knighton has completed his culinary expedition and has released a Jay-Z inspired tribute to the 99 Essentials. This fusion of Jay-Z and J. Gold features clever shout outs to all of L. A.’s best eats. Check out the track, and then get eating.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs


I’m not sure you’ve heard, but there’s a pretty big football game on Sunday. A kind of “Super Bowl” game, if you will. Well, we’ve got a special treat for your Super Bowl party, chocolate covered strawberries that look like footballs. These cute treats come to us from L. A. blogger Jackie Dodd. Head over to her website for the recipe, and also a little bit about Los Angeles farmer’s markets.

Death Star Wedding Cake

That’s no moon, that’s a wedding cake. At right you’ll see the new Mr. and Mrs. Stormtrooper sitting atop the Death Star. This cute cake was created by Napa, California bakery Sweet on Cake. You have to admire the detail that the Sweet on Cake team put on this delicious replica of the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. As great as all that is, what I really love is Mrs. Stormtrooper’s wedding dress. For more fun and beautiful cakes, check out the Sweet On Cake website’s cake gallery.

The Sandwich Artist

Brittany Powell thinks food is an art form. Well, more specifically, she creates sandwiches based on the works of famous artists. Powell’s playful sandwiches feature works inspired by Piet Mondrian, Georgia O’Keefe and other legends of modern art. Personally, I think my favorite is the Christo and Jeann-Claude sandwich. Check them all out over at Powell’s blog, Low-Commitment Projects.

Mr. T’s FlavorWare Oven

Mr. T wants to sell you an all purpose oven. In these fun highlights from an infomercial, Mr. T breaks down, and nearly trips on, a door to sell you his branded oven. What’s really fun about this goofy clip is that you can tell the infomercial’s writers are big fans of Mr. T’s oeuvre of work. The dialogue is chock full of references to The A-Team, but the true highlight is the moment when Mr. T picks up some frozen ribs and bangs them against the kitchen counter. Check it out.

This clip comes to us from the fantastic video blog “Everything is Terrible!” Seriously, that site is really the only video blog you need in your life. Go visit them.

Drunk Tries To Use Taco as ID, Goes As You Would Expect

A couple of weeks ago, a drunk gentleman in Jensen Beach, Florida named Matthew Falkner drove to Taco Bell, placed his order at the drive-thru and then promptly fell asleep in his car. Jensen Beach’s finest were called in to wake Falkner up as his car was blocking up the drive-thru. It was at this point that the police asked Falkner for ID and he tried to present a rather non-traditional form of identification:

A deputy awoke Falkner and then asked for his ID. Falkner said no before reaching into his bag and presenting the officer with a taco. Another deputy clarified they were asking for an ID, not a taco. Falkner chuckled and began eating the taco.

For the rest of this story, which involves fire and an insanely high blood alcohol content level, check out the Miami NewTimes.