Literal Iron Man

Folks, we are just a little under two months away from the much anticipated release of The Avengers and there are several reasons I’m excited, chief amongst them the return of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. Downey’s portrayal of the arrogant but endearing billionaire and superhero Tony Stark has been a highlight of the Marvel Movieverse and I can’t wait to see him working alongside six of  Marvel’s other major heroes. However, after I saw the photo below, I realized that what I really want to see is Tony Stark strapping in to a literal Iron Man costume.

This amazing costume was spotted at Atlanta’s DragonCon in 2008 by Redditor Ryan0617. Check out the full thread here and a few more photos of this clever Iron Man suit here.



In the first issue of the All Star Superman comic book mini-series, Grant Morrison famously reduced the Man Of Steel’s origin to a simple eight words. Well, artist Matt Cowan has taken Morrison’s minimalist superhero story idea and stripped it down to pure pictograms. Cowan’s series of “superhero math” prints take basic superhero elements, like Superman’s weakness to Kryptonite or Batman’s secret origin, and explains them through simple mathematical equations.

Head over to Cowan’s deviantART page for all the superhero math equations, plus a bonus set of figures explaining the difference between three of Harrison Ford’s most famous roles.

Calvin and Hobbes Chirstmas Display

Between Spaceman Spiff, dinosaurs and Calvinball; Calvin and Hobbes  had many fantastic recurring jokes. But as good as all those are. I believe the strip’s best recurring gag was Calvin’s oft unhinged snowman displays. It appears that a house in Rocklin, California has decided to recreate one of Calvin’s classic snow creations using what I assume is chipboard. This clever display was spotted by Redditor JiveMonkey who promptly shard it with the rest of the internet. Click the photo at right so you can see what the snowmen are protesting.

1960s The Dark Knight

I believe that the Batmen featured in The Dark Knight and the 1960s Batman tv series are two of the best interpretations of the character. Adam West’s campy ’60s Batman perfectly captures the goofy spirit of the silver age of comics and Christian Bale’s brooding Batman is a great adaptation of the Bat’s post-Frank Miller moodiness. Now, what if we combined the two takes on the character? We don’t have that answer yet, but we do have the 1966 Batman tv show opening recreated in the spirit of The Dark Knight. Happy Dragon Pictures created this fun update on the old Batman intro full of references to Christopher Nolan’s current Bat-trilogy.

Batman Princess

When you’re a child it can sometimes be a little hard to decide what you want to be for Halloween. Sometimes you don’t just want to be one thing, you want to be two! Little Mabel told her mother she wants to be “Batman Princess.” Of course, her mother is a very cool lady, so she whipped up this costume. For more pictures of Mabel the Batman Princess, head over to donkey’s alright.


Mark Twain Meets Chewbacca (And Other Adventures)

This weekend was the New York City Comic-Con, and Fantagraphics Books was at the Con to promote their recent publication  Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010 by humorist Michael Kupperman. Kupperman’s graphic novel tells the story of Mark Twain faking his death and having various adventures over the course of the 20th Century.

Well, not only were the Fantagraphics at the Con, but so was Twain himself. Well, maybe not the actual Mark Twain, but at least a Mark Twain was there. The Fantagraphics website has a great gallery of photos of Twain’s adventures in New York, including meeting Chewbacca and Oscar the Grouch and a duel with arch-nemesis Ben Franklin. Check out Twain’s New York trip here.

The Currys of Atlantis

Aquaman’s been a laughing stock amongst superhero fans ever since the Superfriends cartoon. But what if instead of laughing at him, we laughed with him? Yes, what if there was a sitcom that start the King of Atlantis? This clip from Cartoon Network’s Batman: The Brave And The Bold features Aquaman, aka Arthur Curry, starring in a spoof of family sitcoms called The Currys of Atlantis. Honestly, I can’t be the only one who’d watch Aquaman, his wife Mera and wacky bomb planting neighbor Black Manta engage in weekly sitcom hijinxs. So, how about you check out the clip, which includes a special cameo by another DC superhero, and then send a letter to Warner Brothers asking for the Aquaman sitcom we so desperately need?