Inappropriate Golden Books

Josh Cooley is a story artist at Pixar. In his spare time, Cooley likes to make rather silly works of art including a series of prints inspired by the classic children’s book publisher Golden Books. The twist with these is that the stories depicted in these prints are from R-rated films like The Big Lebowski (seen at right), The Terminator and The Godfather. Cooley has put out a book of these prints called Movies R Fun which you can purchase from his website. The blog Our Kitchen Sink has a gallery of a few of these prints and the prints can be found scattered around Cooley’s official blog.


Surprised Vader

By now you’ve probably seen the adorable “Surprised Kitty” video that was popular around the web a few months back. Well, there’s a new video out which replaces the kitten with a not-quite-as-cute pop culture icon.

MC Frontalot “Spoiler Alert”

Have you ever had the ending to something spoiled for you? Well, San Francisco nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot knows how you feel. The self-proclaimed 579th greatest rapper in the world drops dozens of plot twists in his new single “Spoiler Alert.” Frontalot doesn’t just reveal the ending to films like The Sixth Sense and Fight Club, he also spoils the ending of the French Revolution and the 1980s. The song’s pretty fun as long as you know the endings beforehand and the video is wonderfully bizarre.

You Can Own The Batmobile

Gizmodo is reporting that DC Comics has officially licensed a replica of the Batmobile from the classic 1960s Batman TV show. This isn’t a model, this is a fully functional, full sized drivable street ready Batmobile. For the low price of $150,000, Mark Racop and his Fiberglass Freaks replicas company will recreate the Batmobile for you. Features on this two seater vehicle include a brand new GM 350 crate engine, a red beacon light, a detect-a-scope radar screen that glows green and a working rocket exhaust flamethrower! Additionally, the cabin features non-functioning buttons that on the show sprung various bat-gadgets.

Record Heat in Los Angeles

For those of you who haven’t heard, L. A.’s currently suffering an unseasonable heat wave. Yesterday was the hottest day in the city’s history as temperatures reached 113 degrees. So, because even blogging has become a bit tiring during this heat wave, here’s music from Cole Porter as the 2002 West End cast of Kiss Me Kate work up a sweat as they perform “Too Darn Hot.”

Order In Chaos

Designers Igor Barbashin and Daria Volokhova have created a clock called “Order In Chaos” that they describe as “…a vivid illustration of the self paradigm to overcome the anarchy in you and connect with the universe.” The concept of the clock is pretty clever. Most of the time, the clock’s twelve numbers are fragmented into pieces. However, as the clock goes over the course of an hour, the new hour’s number begins to take shape. For example, in the picture at right, the time is 12:10. Confused? Well, don’t worry because the designers have put an animated demo of the clock on their website.

Tea Party Comics

Is the comics page out of step with mainstream values? According to one cartoonist, yes. Cartoonist Ward Sutton (under the alias Joe Smith) has created a series of comic parodies spoofing the slogans and Palinisms of the Tea Party. These strips include highlights like the cast of The Boondocks reminiscing about seeing Glen Beck speak at the Lincoln Memorial, Cathy not understanding what it means to be a feminist and a perfect recreation of the first Peanuts strip.

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