Rolling Stones’ Rice Krispies Jingle

On last night’s Mad Men, a reference was made to the Rolling Stones having made a commercial for Rice Krispies in England. Well, the crack research team here at Postcards of the Hanging tracked down the ad, which only aired in England in 1964, and we’ve got it here for your viewing pleasure. The Stones don’t actually appear in the spot, but they do perform the ad’s jingle which was specially co-written by Stones guitarist Brian Jones and the J. Walter Thompson ad agency. It’s probably the hippest breakfast cereal you’ll see all day.


Judas Priest, “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin” (Bossa Nova Version)

Folks, I’m not going to lie to you, the first generation of metalheads are getting older and probably can’t rock as hard as they used to. But that doesn’t mean they have to give up the songs they know and love because self proclaimed “Musical Genius” Andy Rehfeldt has found a way to let older fans keep rocking; albeit in a more smooth manner. Rehfeldt’s whipped up this smooth, loungey bossa nova remix of Judas Priest’s classic anthem “You Got Another Thing Comin.” Is this take on the heavy metal masterpiece sacrilegious? Yes, but it’s also highly amusing.

The Bad Piper, “We Will Rock You”

As we all know, bagpipes are the most beautiful and romantic musical instrument in the world. But, can bagpipes do hard rock? The Australian bagpiper known simply as the Bad Piper seems to think so. In fact, here he is performing the Queen classic “We Will Rock You” during the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The crowd eventually gets in to the performance, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Conor Knighton, “99 Restaurants, I Been to Every One”

For the last couple of years, L. A. Weekly (and future L. A. Times) food critic Jonathan Gold has released a list of what he considers to be the “99 Essential L. A. Restaurants.” Like many Angelenos, CBS Sunday Morning contributor Conor Knighton is a devotee of the only Pulitzer Prize winning food critic and decided to dine at every restaurant on Gold’s list. About a year and 99 meals later, Knighton has completed his culinary expedition and has released a Jay-Z inspired tribute to the 99 Essentials. This fusion of Jay-Z and J. Gold features clever shout outs to all of L. A.’s best eats. Check out the track, and then get eating.

David Bowie Movies

Here’s a shocking fact for you: David Bowie, the Thin White Duke himself, turned 65 this year. In tribute to the anniversary of Ziggy Stardust’s birth, Empire Magazine asked its readers to imagine what certain movies would look like if they starred David Bowie. Empire‘s readers acted quickly and created several wonderful photoshopped movie posters including this Labyrinth inspired poster seen here. Some of the other great creations include such imagined films as the graphic novel adaptation Frank Miller’s Suffragette City, Brian De Palma’s classic glam crime film Starface, and Pixar’s animated masterpiece Bow-E.

Check all of the Bowie inspired titles over at the Empire forums.

“California Girls”

In 1965, Brian Wilson and Mike Love released the results of their Study of Young North American Women. The resulting essay, released under the title “California Girls,” concluded that after studying having traveled “all around this great big world,” and having “seen all kinds of girls” Misters Wilson and Love determined that they wished that all girls could be California girls.

Now, nearly fifty-five years after the release of this landmark survey, the fine people at “I Love Charts” have released a visual representation of “California Girls.”

Dj Schmolli “In The Mood For Some Killing”

Today we feature a track from Vienna’s DJ Schmolli is one of the early pioneers of the mash-up game. In April 2011, DJ Schmolli released this blend of Benny Goodman’s upbeat big band classic “In The Mood” and Rage Against the Machine’s protest rap “Killing In The Name Of.” The result is both hilarious and a little bit musically sacrilegious.

If you want to download the full “In The Mood For Some Killing” mash-up, head over to DJ Schmolli’s website.