The Simpsons and the Cosbys

On April 30th, 1992 NBC aired the final episode of The Cosby Show. The other networks knew that most eyes would be on the Cosby finale, so they scheduled reruns of some of their most popular shows. The Fox network aired two episodes of the Simpsons but included a short bonus scene at the end of the second episode in which Bart and Homer paid their respects to The Cosby Show. Interestingly, Bart’s idea for what he would do if he had a tv show is telling of what’s currently happening with The Simpsons.


Lego Ukulele

We’ve featured a lot of creative uses for Legos here on the blog, but this one may be the best one yet. Ross Crawford realized he didn’t own a ukulele, so he did what anyone would do in this situation and built one using Lego bricks. That seems like a fairly easy task, but Crawford realized there were four challenges he had to overcome to create a working ukulele. Namely, he had to make the ukulele curvy; insure it was strong enough to support the four strings; tune the strings effectively and also make the uke sound like a traditional wooden ukulele.

Find out how Crawford made it work over at the Brickley’s Words blog.

Boring Cereal Mascots

Caldwell Tanner has struck again. The humorous pop culture artist has decided to take a turn at creating mascots for cereals that are currently lacking spokes-toons. Unfortunately, most mascotless cereals these days are a bit on the boring side. However, given the fact that he has to work with such infamous cereals as Total and Grapenuts, Tanner does a pretty good job of creating appropriate mascots. So, give ’em a view over at CollegeHumor, if only to see the depression hidden behind Shredded Wheat.


Mike Mitchell, the same artist who created that cool Parks & Rec tribute based on the Casablanca movie poster, has unveiled a new piece: A painting of Brobocop. Brobocop has a sworn mission to protect the chill.

Thor Goes To The Movies

If you’ve been to a movie theater in the past few months, you’ve probably seen the giant reproduction of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir promoting the film version of Thor. Well, a Youtube user by the name of CobraTucker wanted to see if he was worthy of the power of Thor and attempted to lift the giant Mjolnirt at his local cineplex. Hilarity ensued.

Amy Poehler’s Harvard Class Day Speech

Comedian and Parks & Recreation star Amy Poehler served as Harvard University’s Class Day Speaker Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully, Harvard posted the whole speech to Youtube so we can all enjoy it. Poehler says she wrote address “the way  I wrote everything in college: Stayed up all night, typing on a Canon Word Processor while listening to Sir Mix-A-Lot.”

Poehler’s address touches on such graduation staples as conquering fears and following dreams, but also reminds the new grads that “everything you see in movies is true.” Poehler shared anecdotes about performing in chicken costumes, but also shares truthful reminders that we need other people to get by and to make things happen. “No one is here today because they did it on their own…Well, maybe Josh, but he’s just a straight up weirdo.”

70 Bob Dylan Comic Book References

Tuesday was Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday and the internet was popping with tributes. However, blogger Brian Cronin at Comics Should Be Good decided to do something a bit different by showing 70 different comic book references to Bob Dylan and his songs. Most of these are pieces of dialogue that quote Dylan lyrics, or story titles taken from song lyrics. However, my favorite might be the panels shown at left from issues six of the DC Comics miniseries Salvation Run in which the Joker and the Shadow Thief have a conversation “along the watchtower.”

Check out the whole gallery of Dylan references over at Comics Should Be Good.